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Headline: Brand your web presence with your own aroma

Subhead: PageTiger takes online publishing into the fourth dimension



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PageTiger announces the launch of TigAroma, a revolutionary system to create four-dimensional web pages. In a radical step forward, PageTiger users can now select a range of corporate aromas to complement their company branding, giving their audience a complete sensory experience.


TigAroma is amazingly easy to use. Simply upload any PDF document into the PageTiger system then select a scent to match your publication. There are six to choose from e.g. lemon to promote efficiency, lavender to create a sense of relaxation. Alternatively you may upload your own unique corporate scent to enhance your publication.


TigAroma Scents

Choose the scent that matches your brand message:

Zesty Lemon – efficiency

Lavender Fields – competence

Fresh Coffee - professionalism

Cut Grass - energy

Ocean Breeze – innovation

Green Tea – ethical


“What Google Glass does for your eyes, TigAroma will do for your nose” explains PageTiger CEO Henry Weston. “Smell plays a big part in the decision-making process and now marketeers can tap into a whole new opportunity to engage their website visitors.”


Awarded Best Business for Innovation and Technology by Business Secretary Vince Cable, PageTiger is at the forefront front of digital publishing and TigAroma comes hot on the heels of innovations including TigerDesigner, TigerBuilder and TigerCreator.



For more information visit www.pagetiger.com.


For images or scent samples, please contact Andrew Clarke at PageTiger on 020 8939 0064.











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